Asset Management

China Merchants Bank New York Branch carries out its asset management business in the form of providing cross-border investment advisory services, including recommending and designing of cross-border investment products, providing investment advisory services, escrow account services, and short-term financing services. We provide our domestic customers with all-round cross-border asset management business services.

Types of Investment Products
Investment Consulting
Escrow Account

As an independent third party, we provide escrow funds with services of security protection, investment liquidation, investment supervision, and information disclosure according to the underlying contract.

As an overseas extension of China Merchants Bank QDIE and QDII, we will conduct due diligence investigation on the authenticity of cross-border investments, and supervise overseas fund transfers.

Financing Support

Fund Financing

We provide funds with bridge loans for a period of no more than 3 years and other financial support.

Real Estate Project Financing

Classification by term: bridge loan

Medium to long term loans (less than or equal to 5 years)

Classification by project: construction loan

Business property loan