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Global Cash Management

Customized Cross-border Cash Management Solution for Enterprises -- Global Cash Management (GCM) Platform

  1. Cash management service system + cross-border joint operation features

  2. We provide services to Chinese enterprises going global and large multinational groups and companies entering China or other markets

  3. Multinational enterprises and groups can implement centralized management of funds that are distributed all over the world

  4. With diversified domestic and cross-border cash management services and a variety of product portfolios, we can provide customized cross-border capital management solutions for multinational enterprises and groups.

Services Solution

  1. Global All-in-one Service

      Global All-in-one Service can provide "going global" customers and overseas customers with global account inquiry, remittance and transfer, transfer of funds, and other services. It can help customers to grasp accounts in various countries and regions, support customers’ capital allocation in the global scope, and provide effective information and financial support for their transnational business development and management decision.

  2. Cross-border RMB Cash Pooling

    Enterprises that meet with the policy threshold can implement two-way allocation of cross-border RMB funds within the scope of net inflow, and use cross-border RMB cash pooling for unified management, coordinated deployment of global capital, and strengthen capital monitoring. It is a cash management service that can improve the utilization efficiency of multinational companies’ global funds.

    Cross-border Foreign Currency Cash Pooling

    Group enterprises can achieve the centralized allocation and use of domestic members' foreign debts and external loans, and build a foreign currency cross-border flow channel, without review and one-by-one approval. Enterprises can carry out cross-border allocation of funds according to their own needs, and make financial operations more convenient and transparent, this is conducive to further optimization of floating capital management. At the same time, centralized collection of receivables and offset balance settlement under regular items can be carried out to greatly save enterprises' costs of foreign exchange settlement and sale, and reduce the transit time of funds.

    Cross-border Cash Pooling + Multi-currency Virtual Cash Pooling

    The Bank provides "cross-border cash pooling" + "multi-currency virtual cash pooling" + "intelligent deposit" product portfolio. After centralizing cross-border capital, group members might have different capital demands, and there are many different currencies. Multi-currency virtual cash pooling can be used for virtual offset, while the interest accrual of domestic and foreign currency funds can be calculated by an intelligent deposit interest rate to improve a company’s capital gains and reduce the costs of foreign exchange settlement and sale.

    Cross-border Capital Circulation +Virtual Cash Pooling

    The innovative "virtual cash pooling" business is combined with the original cross-border capital circulation business to provide customers with a set of tailored efficient integrated programs of "overseas financing + domestic use". The aim is to achieve unified allocation and flexible application of domestic and foreign funds and there is no actual cross-border transfer of funds, thus meeting regulatory requirements.

    Multi-dimensional Customized Cash Pooling

    It provides "traditional entrusted loan cash pooling", "virtual cash pooling", "parallel entrusted loan cash pooling", "shared credit line cash pooling" and other centralized operation modes of funds to achieve the effective monitoring and unified regulation of group members' funds, accelerate capital inflows, control capital outflow, and timely turn the group's funds and other assets into disposable cash. It ensures that all members of a group have sufficient sources of funds to pay for short-term account payables, provides security for the normal business operation of members, and uses short-term investment opportunities to achieve greater returns.