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Interbank Financing

Product Introduction

Interbank financing business means that China Merchants Bank New York Branch cooperates with domestic branches of China Merchants Bank to provide onshore and offshore financial institution customers with working capital financing, overseas investment financing, and overseas M&A financing, etc.

Product Category

  1. 1、Working Capital Financing: Provides working capital revolving loans for onshore financial institution customers and its offshore branches. The guarantee may be an overseas facility under domestic guarantee or a credit line.

  2. 2、Overseas Investment Financing: Provides capital allocation services for the overseas investment projects of onshore financial institutions. The overseas investment project targets can be restricted by the onshore financial institutions, and the New York Branch does not provide advisory services; or they can be unspecified targets that are searched and provided with due diligence and advisory services by the New York Branch.

  3. 3、Overseas M&A Financing: Provides M&A loans and bridge loans for onshore financial institutions to carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions.

Product Advantages

Provides professional advice, recommendations and consulting services. China Merchants Bank New York Branch can make full use of its own expertise, ability and experience in the M&A field to provide onshore institutions with services like screening, due diligence, negotiation, tracking feedback etc.

Target Customers

Applicable to onshore and offshore non-bank financial institutions, including securities, funds, financial asset management companies, trust companies, private equity funds and third-party financial management companies.