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The China Merchants Bank New York Branch with its agents around the globe provides foreign exchange or RMB cross-border remittance services.

  1. 1、Low cost. Compared with the letter of credit and collection methods, remittance has simplified procedure and lower cost.                        

  2. 2、Fast process. T/T (telegraphic transfer) is fast, it is conducive to your timely collection of payments, and speeds up capital turnover.                        

  3. 3、Easy operation. It is easy to operate, and has wide a range of applications.                        

Letter of Credit

With an outstanding international reputation, China Merchants Bank New York Branch can provide you with fast and professional L/C services.

  1. 1、Credit Enhancement. Provides bank credit that helps with your business transaction.                        

  2. 2、A complete range of services. New York Branch can provide all kinds of L/C services according to actual trade needs. These include transferable L/C, reciprocal L/C, back-to-back L/C, sight payment L/Cs, deferred payment L/C, and red clause L/C.                        

Documentary Collection

The China Merchants Bank New York Branch provides professional collection services, such as D/P (documents against payment), and D/A (documents against acceptance).

  1. 1、Low cost. It can help you reduce financial costs and control costs.                        

  2. 2、Simple procedure. Compared with the letter of credit, the procedures are simple and easy to complete.                        

  3. 3、High efficiency. Immediate payment of goods or promissory notes upon the delivery of goods or documents                        

Clean Collection

Customers can entrust the China Merchants Bank New York Branch to collect payments with your financial bills (without commercial documents). It is applicable to foreign exchange checks, promissory notes, foreign bonds, certificates of deposit and other valuable documents to operate collection of small payments in trading and non-trading business. Two main methods are optional:

  1. 1、Immediate Credit: The New York Branch enters into a collection agreement with the collecting bank, agrees that the collecting bank makes payment and then collects money from the payer after receiving the bills, but reserves the right of recourse at the same time.                        

  2. 2、Credit after Final Collection: The New York Branch pays after the collecting bank receives payment from the payer.