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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Product Introduction

Financial Institution (“FI”) Services refers to the financing services provided by China Merchants Bank New York Branch to banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs, such as securities brokerage firms, insurance companies, funds and fund management companies).

Product Category

  1. 1、Working Capital Credit Facilities: We provide working capital credit facilities for onshore and offshore financial institution clients and their affiliated companies.  The credit can be provided as revolving facilities or term loans, suitable for large scaled institutional clients, such as banks, insurance companies, and securities brokerage firms.

  2. 2、Fund Finance Credit Facilities: We provide credit facilities to funds under NBFIs, mainly collateralized by the unfunded capital commitments in subscription agreements of fund investors.  The credit is provided mainly as revolving facilities, suitable for private equity funds and credit funds.

Product Advantages

  1. Flexible Terms, Customizable Demand

    We can customize FI credit duration and terms based on customers’capital needs to help them solve either short term working capital requirements or long term capital investment objectives.

  2. Multiple Currencies

    In addition to US Dollar loans, China Merchants Bank New York Branch can also provide credit services in other currencies, such as RMB, HK Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and etc., to provide flexible solutions for our clients.

Target Customers

Suitable for Banks and NBFIs that have accounts with China Merchants Bank New York Branch.  Entities can be registered either onshore or offshore.  NBFIs include securities brokerage firms, funds and fund management companies, trust companies, and third-party financial management companies.